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Recycled and biodegradable plastic bags
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Option 1: BIODEGRADABLE low density plastic films that have been engineered to break down after it has been in the ground from 9 months to a year. They are designed to be earth friendly, ecologically safe and degrade in landfill environments to satisfy the demand for "green" plastic films. Typically made in a "blown-film extruder," certified compostable bags are used in a variety of applications. Large-capacity bags are used in municipal leaf and yard waste collection programs. Smaller-capacity bags are used for residential or commercial collection of food waste. Certified compostable bags have the advantage of keeping collection bins dry and free from odors.  Clear- or lightly tinted bags have the added advantage of allowing collection workers to spot contaminants inside the bag, preventing non-biodegradable items from being collected with other organics.

Biodegradable additives,  when added in small quantities to the most common and widely used commodity resins during the manufacture of finished plastic products, causes the modified plastic to degrade at a controlled rate. The degradation, which involves the reaction of the plastic with oxygen in the air, is initiated by exposure to ultraviolet light (sunlight), elevated temperatures and/or mechanical stress. It is “programmed” to start degradation on disposal after the product has fulfilled the required shelf and service lives as defined by end users. Products made with polyethylene (such as grocery, shopping and garbage bags), have been shown to subsequently be biodegradable into non-toxic end products.

Option 2: Using high content of recycled plastic in your film bags. Reuse and recycle! Poly bags can be made using different percentages of recycled content depending on customer’s specifications.

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