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Poly Mailers
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If your business is frequently mailing and shipping sensitive documents, products or components, you need a packaging solution that will protect the contents while they are being transported to their destination. A poly mailer is the perfect solution. The high grade plastic and sealable end, protect anything placed inside the mailer from moisture that could cause damage. For perishable products, a poly mailer helps to maintain freshness by locking out air. Poly mailers are also a handy way to protect packaging slips that need to be placed on the outside of a box for international shipping or transportation of hazardous materials.

Diversified Plastics & Packaging Inc. has poly mailers in stock and ready to ship. We can also produce to you specific standards. We will supply you with high quality plastic poly mailers that add a new level of professionalism to the packaging in your business.

We offer two different types of poly mailers, each with valuable features and benefits.

Coextruded Poly Mailers

The regular poly mailers from Diversified are a great affordable mailing solution for businesses of any size. This popular product comes in a variety of different sizes to suit your needs, and it has the following features:

  • Super strong - won’t tear or burst when overstuffed
  • Tough multilayered material
  • Water resistant
  • Self-seal lip forms tight closer to keep contents safe
  • Light weight reduces postage costs

Returnable Poly Mailers

Our returnable poly mailers have all of the same features as our standard poly mailers, including a sealable adhesive strip. In addition to this, there is a second adhesive strip with a perforated tear opening. This way, a recipient of the poly mailer can open it, place new contents inside and reseal it to be shipped again. Key features of our returnable poly mailers include:

  • Offerings in 3 different stock sizes
  • Tamper proof and water resistant material
  • Co-extruded film made of blend of polyethylene
  • Second adhesive seal for return mailing

About Diversified Plastics & Packaging Inc.

Diversified has been providing our customers unique flexible packaging solutions for over 25 years. Our customer types are as varied as our stock and production offerings. Our very narrow focus is flexible packaging. Huge stock poly offerings coupled with customer specific production offerings sets us apart. Simple print to high-end process printing done with great lead times.

We have a large stock poly bag inventory. 5 different warehouse locations to ship from. One sure to be close to you. We offer same-day shipping to destinations across the country. We can even send test samples before your business places a full order.

Contact us today to experience amazing customer service! Our representatives are ready to help with your request. 800-959-1337

Faster leadtimes, higher quality, more sustainable packaging options, lower costs, better service
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