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Custom Poly Bags
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Diversified Plastics and Packaging specializes in providing the type of flexible packaging that meets the needs and requirements of your industry. The success and profits of a company depend on a presentation of the product.  Successful branding catches the customer’s eye and gives them the confidence of purchasing a reliable product.

Every industry, business, and application are unique and needs packaging that precisely fits their specific requirements. With over 30 years of background in the poly flexible packaging industry, Diversified Plastics & Packaging is versed in the many demands of businesses. We offer a wide range of poly bags and films that are fitted to the customer demands.

Poly Bag Applications

As highly experienced professionals in the poly bag market, Diversified Plastics & Packaging can design, craft, and provide any type or shape of poly bag. Examples of our custom bags include freezer bags, plastic poly mailers, anti-static poly bag, shrink bags, bubble bags, flip top bags, biodegradable poly bags, wicket poly bags, tape lip poly bags, and shavings bags, all of which can be printed to better represent a customer’s company and product.

One of the reasons for our longevity in the flexible packaging industry has been our realization that every one of our clients has unique flexible packaging requirements. The food processing industry requires exceptionally durable bags for pasta, dry goods, and bakery products. For their special needs, we produce wicket bags that are quickly and easily dispensed as a possible solution. These types of bags often extend shelf life by controlling respiration rates. On the other end of the spectrum are hardware items that need a sturdy, durable bag for hanging and displaying heavy items. Header bags with support material are just the correct fit.   

Diversified Plastics & Packaging’s long list of poly bags includes carrier shipping bags, evidence bags for law enforcement, and night deposit bags for banks. Water resistant poly bags, hanging retail poly bags, bottom seal poly bags, you name it, Diversified Plastics & Packaging has the custom poly bag for you. A sampling of the industries we serve includes food and beverage, furniture, pharmaceutical, textiles, retail, appliance, healthcare, chemical, stationery, industrial packaging, and animal bedding.

Poly Bag Options

Diversified Plastics & Packaging has worked many years to establish ourselves as a leading supplier of poly bags for many different industries. We can take your vision, customize and perfect it to reflect your business and product offerings .

Custom branding, printing and flexible packing type help address unique requirements and vary from the one-size-fits-all approach used by many in our industry. Customizing your packaging, especially in the retail industry, boosts your branding, reach, and brand recognition. Brand loyalty starts with custom bags. Whether you need a packaging solution for your manufacturing and retail facilities or a batch of custom-printed polyethylene bags, our deep industry knowledge assures success.

Poly Bag Printing to Make Your Product Stand Out and Be Recognized

Diversified Plastics & Packaging offers high-end process custom printed poly bags.  We can personalize with barcoding, QR Codes, CMYK, and spot PMS colors so your exact company information is current and up-to-date. We help you choose the size, bag style, and art placement. Our team of experienced and highly trained experts will help you lay it out. Diversified Plastics & Packaging’s printing options include:

•    Printing on one side
•    Printing on both sides
•    Gusset printing
•    Random or registered print
•    Multi-color printing
•    Process printing
•    Vivid Colors
•    Clear, Tinted, and Opaque film colors

Printing on plastic bags includes a process called flexography that uses flexible rubber or plastic plates to produce clear and sharp images. We also offer digital printing . One of the most important marketing tools is point of contact selling. This requires creating a visible product image that makes your brand stand out. Personalized plastic bags with your company and product info clearly visible are the least expensive and cost productive tools. Diversified Plastics & Packaging offers printed plastic poly bags with your logo at wholesale prices.

Diversified Plastics & Packaging Customer Service

As a leader in the plastics and packaging industry, our customers rely on our longstanding reputation of  excellent customer service. Meeting our customer needs head on has proven itself time and again. We are confident our ability to save our customers time and money while enhancing the appearance of their products.

Custom poly plastic bags are a major segment of Diversified Plastics & Packaging’s business. Our line of custom bags includes those used in:

•    Retail
•    Food service
•    Soil Amendment
•    Animal Shavings

Call Diversified Plastics & Packaging today so we can help you decide on the best custom poly bag solution for your flexible packaging project.  


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