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Resealable zip poly bags
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Our Plastic Zipper Bags are reusable with long life zipper closure and tough side welds for stress point support. Write on white blocks if needed. Custom made or plenty of stock sizes. Yes we can print on these too!

• PE Zip Locks Polyethylene zip lock bags that are flexible and with good resistance. Great for holding a variety of items.

• White Block Zips Zip Bags made with a white block for easy labeling. Great for hardware stores, manufacturing companies, gift bags, and much more.

• Stand Up Zipper Pouches Bags most commonly used to package food that zip closed and make excellent display pieces.

• Sliding Zips One of the most classic types of zip lock bags, our wholesale sliding zip lock bags are high clarity

Zip lock bags are some of the most sought after bags in nearly every industry. From retail to food to gifts, these bags are the best way to hold products in place, keep air out and seal out the elements. Our Plastic Zipper Bags are food safe and close air tight, and are great for preserving the freshness of the contents. They are also excellent for mass packaging – especially items that need to be opened and closed often, and protected from dust, water, and more.

Whether you own a large manufacturing plant, a small retail store or are simply interested in superior plastic bags for your home, you'll find what you need among our extensive selection. Our Plastic Zipper Bag stock line includes ziplock bags, clear reclosable bags, white block bags and much more.

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