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Plastic box liner
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Box liners are an economical way to give you short-term protection. Great for keeping your product or cargo safe, clean and secure.  Pull from our extensive stock offerings or we can custom size just for you. Box Liners are durable and are great for keeping your product or cargo safe, clean and secure. Pallet covers can be used to line boxes.

Plastic box liners can be used in contact with food, including meat and poultry and are available for shipment today. Liners protect box contents from dust, dirt and moisture.  Our liners meet FDA and USDA specifications for food contact. High density polyethylene (Hi-D) liners are natural color and provide higher level of strength for the comparable thickness of other plastic liners.  Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) liners are clear.  Some sizes come on perforated rolls for tear-off convenience.

Square container sizes for flat bags can be found using Width(W), Depth(D), and Height(H). Depth is considered the shorter of 2 sides.  TO FIND BAG SIZE FOR A SQUARE CONTAINER, FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW: Step 1:  Width of Bag Needed: Width(W) + Depth(D) + 2" for a looser fit.  Step 2:  Length of Bag Needed: Height(H) + 1/2 of Depth(D) +5" for overhang.  If container size is 14"(W) x 10"(D) x 32"(H), the formula would be: Step 1:  14"(W) + 10"(D) + 2" = 26" Wide Step 2:  32"(H) + 5"(1/2 of (D)) + 5" = 42" Long.  Bag size needed is 26"x42

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