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High strength, heavy duty plastic bags
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These bags are manufactured using the strongest films available. Tear, water and puncture resistant, great for soil, bark, stone and similar types of materials. Add UVI to guard against sunlight fading. Let us print on your bag …. Advertise your company!

Are you looking for a tough, durable and efficient contractor trash bag that can handle all of your construction debris from wood embedded with nails to chunks of cement and plaster dust? Super Heavy Duty Can Liners are perfect for the heaviest applications. Contractors and people in the business of new construction, demolition or commercial / residential remodeling can't get enough of them These Heavy Duty Trash bags will stand up to nearly anything you throw at them, especially when you need protection from punctures or tearing.

Black Trash Bags with Plastic Drawstring offer a sturdy easy gripping handle with a tight closing top providing a very effective way to collect and dispose of trash or other refuse. These garbage bags are available at wholesale prices and bulk purchasing power.

Premium linear low density - Provides excellent puncture and tear resistance. Handles heavy items and sharp corners without tearing. Strongest bags on the market - Made with premium resins. Extra Heavy Bags are over 45% thicker than most liners.

STANDARD STRENGTH - General purpose use - For light to medium trash loads.

MEDIUM STRENGTH - For paper and void fill.

HEAVY STRENGTH - For boxes, wood and heavier scraps.

EXTRA HEAVY STRENGTH - For your heaviest warehouse trash.

BLACK - Hides bag contents.

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