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Understanding Stand Up Pouches

Stand up pouches are a laminated film bag, typically made of plastics or a blend of plastic film and aluminum foil. They can be printed with any color, logo, or design, so the potential to really make an impact on retail shelves is very high.

During the production cycle, a gusset is formed, vertical seals are then made along the pouch's sides, and the zipper is pressed into the same area to seal its ends and reduce its thickness. The bottom folds of the pouch are then sealed, as are seals that hold the gusset together at the ends. The pouch is then cut apart vertically through the center of the side seals to create the container part of the bag. 

Why Stand Up Pouches

Stand up pouches are excellent options for both dry food packaging and liquid products, such as pet food, liquid household cleaners, personal care items, chemical products, and granular products like salt or sugar.

Stand up pouches make ideal containers for a variety of solid, liquid, and powdered foods, as well as non-food items. Food grade laminates help keep foods fresher for longer, while the ample surface area makes a perfect area for print branding and catchy logos and graphics display  

Stand up pouches are ideal for food packaging in clear and solid colors, glossy and matte finishes, and choice of materials. The one side clear and one side solid option combines the best of both worlds.  Clear view windows let you peek at the pouch contents.  Add pouch enhancements such as re-closable zippers, degassing valves, tear notches, and hang holes to suit the application. 

Understanding Pouch Film Laminates 

Stand up pouches are typically made from two or more films laminated together. Films can be laminated by using an adhesive or by heat and pressure. The exact composition of the materials can vary depending on the specific product and its intended use.

What are Stand Up Pouches Made Of?

Polyester (PET)

PET/Ink/LLDPE is a common laminated structure. Polyester (PET) is a strong, lightweight polymer that is often used as a barrier layer against moisture, oxygen, and aroma. Also known as Mylar, it’s the outside layer that provides strength and exhibits a high melting point. LLDPE - Poly - is the inside layer that provides a moisture barrier and exhibits a low melting point. This layer melts together to form the seal.

Metallized PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

Metallized PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a is a versatile material that offers a range of benefits for packaging applications, including excellent barrier properties, visual appeal, and cost-effectiveness. The material itself is created by depositing a thin layer of metal (such as aluminum) onto a film of PET. This process creates a metallic appearance on one side of the film while maintaining the flexibility and strength of the PET.

Metallized PET films are commonly used in packaging applications where a high barrier to moisture, oxygen, and light is required. The metallic layer provides excellent barrier properties, making it an effective material for applications such as food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and barrier bags for electronic components.

The metallized layer can also provide other benefits, such as enhancing the visual appeal of the packaging by creating a shiny, reflective surface. In addition, metallized PET films can be used as a substitute for aluminum foil, providing similar barrier properties while also offering greater flexibility and lower cost.

Polyethylene (PE) 

Polyethylene (PE) is a thermoplastic polymer that is commonly used as a moisture and oxygen barrier layer.

BOPP: Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP)

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) is a type of plastic film made from polypropylene resin. BOPP film is created using a process called biaxial orientation, which involves stretching the film in both the machine direction (MD) and the transverse direction (TD).

Biaxial orientation enhances the film's mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, clarity, and resistance to puncture and abrasion. It also improves the film's barrier properties, making it an effective material for food packaging, labels, tapes, and other applications where moisture, gas, and odor barriers are necessary.

BOPP film is widely used in the packaging industry due to its superior properties, such as high clarity, gloss, and stiffness. It is also highly printable, making it an ideal material for label and flexible packaging applications. Additionally, BOPP film can be easily laminated with other materials, such as metallized PET, to create films with specific barrier properties.

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Which pouch type is right for you?

Gusseted pouches are a variation on stand-up pouches. With gusseted pouches, there are semi-oval shaped indents on both sides of the pouch which make for a square or rectangle base. This allows them to stand up but in a different fashion from traditional stand-up pouches. Side gusseted pouches verses bottom gusseted pouches are the two main structures. 

Side Gusseted Pouches

Side gusseted pouches are the ones usually used for coffee and feature the two flat panels on the front and back with the gussets on the left and right side. Bottom gusseted pouches are generally larger than side gusseted pouches and can contain larger amounts of product. 

Bottom Gusseted Pouches

Bottom gusseted pouches have more shape and size possibilities than side gusseted pouches because they only have one gusset (on the bottom). 

Pillow Pouches

Pillow pouches are one of the longest-running types of flexible pouches on the market.  Good for products like potato chips, crackers, individual snack packs, single-serving coffee, and other types of smaller servings of food have been packaged this way. Pillow pouches are simple, proven effective, environmentally friendly packaging solution.

Side Seal Pouches

Three side sealed pouches are made of two pieces of metal foil or one side being a metal foil and the other clear plastic. The two sheets of material are placed on top of each other and then heat-sealed on three side. Three side seal pouches are often used for packaging beef jerky, spices, pet food, cannabis and other edible and non-edible products. 

Three side seal pouches can also be equipped with hang holes and resealable zippers similar to those found on stand-up pouches. Three side seal pouches may be a good option for people looking for a sturdy pouch that allows for the consumer to see the product inside (if it has the clear window) and simple opening capabilities via a tear away lid.

Benefits of Pouch Packaging

Pouches are lightweight while still providing excellent product integrity. Pouches are easy to store and transport, both for vendors and end-users. Most pouches are easy to carry and reseal, making them more versatile than single-use bags and other types of packages. Pouches are an inexpensive packaging solution compared to other alternatives. Pouches enable the visibility of products to appeal to customers, thanks to modern flexographic printing techniques

Customizable – Custom pouches give you plenty of flexibility both in production capacity and design. You can choose from several pouch sizes that fit your product best. Design-wise, the whole surface of the pouch can be printed on, giving you a striking full-bleed look once it’s displayed on shelves. 

Space efficient – Pouches ship flat and are lightweight. Once filled with product, they can lay flat or be lined up together while in storage or transport. The space pouches occupy is minuscule compared to other product packaging options such as cardboard boxes, bottles, and jars.

Cost-effective – Custom pouches use less material than most product packaging options. Since it’s lightweight, it’s also cheaper to ship and store. Making the switch to pouch packaging will pay dividends in the long run with huge savings on a per-unit basis.

Diversified Plastics Stand Up Pouches

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