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Wood shaving poly bag packaging
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Custom Printed Shavings Bags And Films

Large Flake, Medium Flake, Small Flake… let us make your bags. Bags made for drop feeders or sheeting for your form, fill and seal equipment. Add printing. Add a bag handle. Special blended films used to ensure bag integrity throughout the life of the bag. Low slip film utilized to allow stack-ability. UVI additives used to protect the film from degradation under varying weather conditions. UVI inks used to protect print graphics from fading. Custom print up to 8 colors available.

Contact us direct 800-959-1337 for specific inquiries.

Shavings can then be used by numerous sectors of animal industry, including:

  • Equine farms
  • Poultry farms
  • Dairy farms
  • Show Pigs
  • Small animal pet markets (gerbils, hamsters, reptiles, etc.)

Which is better: paper or plastic bags?

The advantage of plastic is that the bag is weatherproof. Our water-repelling plastic cannot be affected by rain or snow. Another advantage to plastic is that we ìheat-sealî the bag closed, as opposed to paper bags which must be stapled: a potential danger to your horse if the staple is lost in the stall. Plastic bags are also much stronger then paper, and do not easily tear. If you drop a paper bag onto the floor it could easily break. However, our durable plastic bags allow for rough handling multiple times before use.

Contact us direct 800-959-1337 for specific inquiries.

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