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Plastic stretch film for product packaging and covering
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Tinted, Printed Or Vented Stretch Film

Stretch film is a stretchable plastic that is designed to keep items and products inside tightly bound. Stretch film can be used for pallet packaging, moisture protection, storage of loads, etc.. Retains its grip. Tight fit that prevents breakage and shifting; clings only to itself without adhesives. Tinted stretch film. Narrow width banding films, extend core offerings, hand & machine films, prestretched.

Economical polyethylene stretch wrap film. Superior break strength, cling, clarity, tear resistance. Extruded or cast polyethylene stretch film and stretch wrap available. Stretch wrap and/or stretch film are a stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items and pallets. Stretch films elastic properties keep items tightly bound together for packaging, shipping, and storage. Economical polyethylene hi-clarity hi-cling stretch wrap film is offered as bundling stretch film, hand stretch film, extended core stretch film, and machine stretch film rolls. We offer stretch wrap with features superior break strength, cling, clarity, tear resistance not found in other stretch film. Extruded or cast polyethylene stretch film and stretch wrap is available depending on your stretch film need.

We offer color films for better identifying! RED, BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE, YELLOW, BLACK or WHITE. Palletwrap in colors for product identification and tamper evidence is a growing market. Handwrap and machine grade in tints and opaque available. Custom printing of pallet stretch wrap with low minimums, prepaid delivery nationwide. Printing capacity increased. Faster lead times on all printed stretch films.

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