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Pine Bedding

Pellet fuel is a renewable, clean-burning and cost-stable heating alternative. It is a biomass product made of renewable substances. Predominantly recycled wood waste. Biomass fuel can come from cordwood, wood pellets, wood chips, wastepaper, along with dozens of other agricultural products. Fuel pellets can be used to heat in freestanding stoves, fireplace inserts, furnaces, and boilers. 

Bedding Pellet bags - Horse/Chicken/Reptile Bedding Pellet Bags   

One of the major benefits of using wood and other agricultural related pelletized byproducts for your animal bedding is a reduction in waste. Wood pellets are highly absorbent, soaking up urine quickly and effectively, alongside reducing waste odor. It is estimated that wood pellets absorb nine times more fluid than regular shavings. These absorbent pellets can reduce the amount of waste material (soiled bedding) that is generated and save time in cleaning out your horse stable or cat litter box.  

Litter Box Pellet Bags - Small Animal Litter Pellets  

Wood pellets absorb a lot more than shavings or straw, cutting down on smell and extending the time you can go between coop cleanings. The moisture absorption is handy in the winter because it keeps the humidity level down in your coop thus helping to prevent frostbite. Great for Cats, reptiles and small animals  

Wood Pellet Printed Bags & Wood Pellet Printed Sheeting 

Many pellet manufacturers take by-products (like wood waste) and refine them into pencil-sized pellets that are uniform in size, shape, moisture, density, and energy content.  The pellets are bagged for retail sales. Bagging wood pellets can be done using fully formed poly pellet bags or poly sheeting pellet film running through your automated bagger.  Both poly pellet bags and poly pellet sheeting film can be printed to better represent your products and your company.   

BioChar Pellet Poly Bags  

Biochar is a stable solid, rich in carbon that is made from organic waste material or biomass that is partially combusted in the presence of limited oxygen.  Bagged Biochar can be used for soil amendment, carbon sequestration, water purification, heating and energy production. 

Diversified Plastics & Packaging also offers pallet covers, stretch hooder film and stretch film to protect your palletized pellet poly bags!  

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